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When posting to mailing lists or newsgroups, please keep the following in mind: Use a valid email address. Every new poster’s email address is checked for 

  1. Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group Mailing List

To subscribe to the mailing list, use the interface on the mailing list server.  to all the list members, first subscribe to the list as described above, then send email 

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About mailing listsMailing lists allow widespread distribution of email messages. Amailing list is given its own email address. This address sends messages to 

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MailList Controller is an Email Newsletter Software, Bulk Mailer and Mailing ListManagement Software for Newsletters and Email Marketing Campaigns.

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Mailing lists allow a group of people to communicate using a single email address. When you send an email to the list address, everybody subscribed to the list 

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To Subscribe: Either use the above links and use the mailman interface, or send a mailto with subscribe your-email-address in the 

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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get  Advocacy Effort. Archiver-dev, Development of email archivers.

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Send mail to everyone subscribed to the bioconductor mail list by reading the posting guide and then sending an email to Obtain 

  1. LAMMPS mail list‎

mail list on SourceForge · subscribe/unsubscribe to the list or change settings; post tomail list by sending email to lammps-users at 

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Please send your email in plain text and without attachments. NOTE: Only list members are allowed to post to this mailing list and all other messages will be 

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To subscribe to the Cypherpunks mailing list, simply click here or send email with the subject “subscribe cypherpunks” to 

  1. Email & Mailing Lists – HMS IT Department

Oct 4, 2013 – Email and Mailing Lists Services at Harvard Medical School. Information Technology offers three types of messaging services: Email

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Join Our Postal Mailing Lists. Would you like to receive mailings about new products and special offers? Go to our catalog subscription page 

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The sum of all human knowledge. Delivered to your inbox every day. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about this mailing list, please contact us 

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US Data Corporation is the leading provider of effective mailing lists, sales leads and marketing services. Looking for a sales list? US Data Corporation will help 

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Distribution & Mailing List Services. ICT offers two solutions for providing email list services. If you only want to include internal Imperial College addresses then 

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Email lists are email addresses which send email to all users subscribed to the list. Sending an email  We have only a few rules for posting to the mailing lists.

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